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Professional business phone system provider


We are a leading business phone system provider, specialising in providing the right solution to meet your business requirements. We can help you by providing expert advice, support and integration into existing networks such as Microsoft Exchange.
Our systems are designed to offer flexibility and scalability so you can grow as your business grows, meaning our office telephone systems continue to offer value for money for many years after installation.

MT Comms understands that business phone systems represent the heart of a company's communications. Therefore, having a robust, high quality office telephone system is essential for your company – making sure your employees stay connected and customers can always reach you.

We know that a system which works well for one company, may not necessarily for another, and therefore pride ourselves on taking the time to really understand your businesses operating needs. Once armed with the information we then build and install you a bespoke business phone system, which will provide you with all the functions you require for your company to run effectively and efficiently.

Over the years we have worked within numerous industries including haulage, healthcare, manufacturing, financial, design, legal and technology. So, whichever industry and whatever size of business you are, you can trust MT Comms to provide you with a phone system that is perfect for you.

Get in contact today and to chat about your requirements, call 01603 594040 or fill out our online enquiry form.


Our design functions include:

  • Call forwarding – allowing you to divert calls to several different destinations in your absence.

  • Remote working – helping all employees to stay connected no matter where they are working in the world.

  • Hosted voice – a telephone service that, like on-premise systems, comes with features such as voicemail, unified messaging and call management. But unlike on-premise systems, hosted voice systems are hosted in the cloud and include enterprise-grade security and reliability. The result is a scalable solution that’s secure and easy to manage – technical support comes as standard with this option.

  • Mobile applications – the Xelion mobile app telephone system is an easy to use, feature rich, cost-effective communication solution that enables users on the go to communicate in real time.

  • Voicemail – the perfect solution for companies who offer 24/7 customer service.

  • Call reporting – this is an essential business function that helps with your team member performance management, ensuring that customers get the best experiences with your company.

  • Unified messaging – this is an advanced messaging system that brings together phone, email and voice mail capabilities into one platform. Unified messaging offers a variety of features, including call forwarding and customised storage plans to help customers save time and money.

  • Automated attendant – this is the most common way to direct callers to the correct departments. This feature allows you to eliminate the need for extra personnel and allow your employees to focus on servicing clients.

  • Computer telephony integration (CTI) – this is a system that allows you to connect your telephone to your computer. It enables you to perform telephone functions via software applications and email, rather than using a physical phone. CTI can help streamline communications by providing caller identification and integration with other computers, databases and systems.

  • Voice over IP and SIP (VoIP) - these are both technologies that use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in order to transport telephone service across the Internet. VoIP and SIP allow you to make telephone calls across any network, including public and private networks, as well as the PSTN.

  • Wireless mobility solutions – the next frontier for wireless! These solutions enhance our mobility, security and productivity. Our seamless solution delivers a range of complete wireless solutions, integrating voice and data networks without compromising on performance or quality and can be configured to match your needs.

  • Messaging and advertising on hold - the best way to ensure your customers have a great experience and come back again and again is having an engaging, responsive hold messaging strategy.

  • Call recording – this functionality allows you to record the details of any incoming or outgoing calls, including date and time, call duration, and caller information in a clean and easy to view format.

  • Call management – this is a powerful tool for both sales and operations. It will help you work smarter, not harder by providing you with contact and event data, as well as advanced call reporting capabilities.

  • Applications – these offer flexibility and high availability that can help you maximize efficiency across multiple locations.


So, if you are looking for a new business telephone system, or to upgrade/repair your existing system, MT Comms can help!

Get in contact today and to chat about your requirements, call 01603 594040 or fill out our online enquiry form.

As well as a business phone system provider, MT Comms’ services include:

  • Commercial CCTV

  • Internet / data connectivity

  • Copper and fibre structured cabling

  • Cellular services including mobile signal boosting.

As an additional service MT Comms can work as sub-contractors for your business, should you need some extra support during busy periods. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to adapt to new situations, providing you and your clients with exceptional service. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business grow, by calling us on 01603 594040 or filling out our enquiry form.

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