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We are one of the leading structured cabling companies


As a city needs comprehensive infrastructure, so does a good business!


As one of the leading structured cabling companies, we understand that it can be the highway that connects all your business communications, so it is critical to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.


Structured cabling systems give your company the ability to quickly and easily add computers or other users as your business grows, without having to worry about any significant disruption to your operation. They allow you to add features like VoIP phone systems and wireless access points at a later time if you choose.


Transmitting your data through a cable network means that it to be secure, robust, and complete, and with our structured cabling, we can help to push your business to maximum communication efficiency.


We have a selection of different standards of copper and fibre networks to consider, each with varying degrees of price and performance. A common package we provide includes copper ethernet, increasing your performance with a consistent, secure connection, all at an affordable price. We connect the ethernet to your desktops with fibre optic backbones to multiple wiring racks for larger networks.


We also offer fibre to the desk and workgroup solutions.


Not only do we design, plan and implement your structured cabling network, but we also have an incredible support team, who are able to provide extensive insights and advice on the type of cabling most suited for your needs and an audit of your existing network's capabilities.


If your system is in need of a trained eye and a deft hand, MT Comms offers a 'tidy and test' service for any unmaintained networks.


At MT Comms, we understand how different businesses can be, so to ensure you get the service best for you, we offer a free site survey as part of our Structured Cabling Installations, allowing us to see your property's layout, asses your cable routes, understand your requirements, and give you a bespoke solution, tailored specifically for your business needs.


So if you're looking for one of the leading structured cabling companies in the UK, look no further than MT Comms.


Get in contact today and to chat about your requirements, call 01603 594040 or fill out our online enquiry form.

Electrical Inspectors

As well as offering structured cabling systems, MT Comms’ services include:

  • Hold music and messages

  • Mobile signal boosting

  • Commercial and residential CCTV

  • WIFI installation

  • Telephone systems and hosted voice

As an additional service MT Comms can work as sub-contractors for your business, should you need some extra support during busy periods. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to adapt to new situations, providing you and your clients with exceptional service. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business grow, by calling us on 01603 594040 or filling out our enquiry form.

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